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Aiken, SC

6/19/2020 to 6/21/2020

Entry Status as of 06/17/2020 05:57 PM

Rider NameHorseDivisionBalance DueMissing ItemsStatusStable Near
Abrams, KathleenSpintasticT-JY$0.00 Complete
Alexander, LaurenExcel Star Over The MoonNR$0.00 Complete
Allen, BethRemasteredNR$0.00 CompleteMorgan Brown
Austin, NicoleAnnaghmore Beach BoomNR$0.00 Complete
Ball, BetsyEarly Times MWFOBN$0.00 Completejessie shull& Buck davidson
Batton, MorganJamaican Vacation OT$0.00 Complete
Batton, MorganBananaramaOT$0.00 Complete
Bell, Candace ElizabethFernhill Philm StarOP$0.00 Complete
Benfield, AnsleyDa BootsON$0.00 CompleteMarigold Stables
Bertuna, Kathleen Excel Star HarryNR$0.00 Complete
Braundel, MiaCashmereOI$0.00 CompleteBuck Davidson
Brawley, AbigailWork of ArtT-JY$0.00 Complete
Brazzell, MallorySheza Patchwork KidBN-JY$0.00 CompleteNex to our RV spots if possibl
Brown, LawlorUlyssesM$0.00 Complete
Brown, KateVictor Z OP$0.00 Complete
Brown, KateCarnabyOP$0.00 Complete
Buckner, ErinPicassiN-JY$0.00 CompleteHave to be stabled next to Sar
Bush, EmmaDrunk UncleNR$0.00 CompleteKaley Bush / Waylon Roberts
Cahoon, KyliePhilenaM$0.00 Complete
Campbell, Charles FE Mustang SallyOT$0.00 CompleteClayton Fredericks
Caras, JennyFernhill IKandyOT$0.00 Complete
Caras, JennySommersbyON$0.00 Complete
Carter, KyleReddy or NotOI$15.00 Complete
Carter, KyleGaillard LancerOI$96.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Casey, KyleeDanielle DeerBN-JY$0.00 CompleteAndi Lawrence
Choate, Elle PaddrickM$0.00 Complete
Cobb, AmySwift Journey OT$0.00 Complete
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star First ClassOT$0.00 Complete
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star Time to ShineOT$0.00 Complete
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star Double CloverOT$0.00 Complete
Cooper, CourtneyR River StarM$0.00 Complete
Cooper, CourtneyHunting Stars OT$0.00 Complete
Craven, AnsleighStreetfightBNR$0.00 CompleteDanny Moguel Chandler Nance
Craven, DianaFernhill St. NickT-JY$0.00 CompleteAlex Green, Craven
Cullen-Dean, IvieFernhill Full ThrottleOI$0.00 CompleteDoubt ya boy / JULIE RICHARDS
Dannemiller, CarolineFernhill DreamingON$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteAlex Green Kerby, Fran Spolto
Dannemiller, CarolineTopsPR$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteAlex Green Kerby, Fran Spoltor
Davidson Jr. , BruceCopper BeachA$0.00 Completetack stall
Davidson Jr. , BruceVictor B ZA$0.00 Completetack stall
Davidson Jr. , BruceCarlevo A$0.00 Completetack stall
Davidson Jr. , BruceCooley CandymanOI$0.00 Completetack stall
Davidson Jr. , BruceSorocaimaOP$0.00 Completetack stall
Davidson Jr. , BruceErroll GobeyOP$0.00 Completetack stall
Dondanville, AbbeyDe'Ja  VuBNR$0.00 CompleteKristin Schmolze; end stall if
Douglas, LauraReg The LedgeOT$0.00 Complete
Drury, DarcyFernhill bijzonderM$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
IncompletePaige Drury, Julie Richards
Drury, PaigeFernhill 13ON$0.00 CompleteDarcy Drury
Drury, PaigeArdeo IllusionPR$0.00 CompleteDarcy Drury
Dukes, AlexandriaSantanaTR$0.00 Complete
Duncan, Alexa Double TroubleT-JY$0.00 Complete
Dutton, PhillipFernhill RevelationA$0.00 Complete
Dutton, PhillipSea of CloudsA$0.00 Complete
Eaves, Kendall Forrest GumpT-JY$0.00 Complete
Edmonds, BraydenJay of DiamondsT-JY$0.00 CompleteMorgan Brown
Elms , Lucienne Diamond DuetteA$0.00 Complete
Elms , Lucienne MistralouA$0.00 Complete
Erwin, SamanthaConquistadoraPR$0.00 Complete
Ethridge, NicoleRubianaBN-JY$0.00 Complete
Ethridge, NicoleSBF HenriettaBN-JY$0.00
  • Deposits
Ethridge, NicoleSpecial ReasonOBN$0.00 CompleteNeeds an end Stall
Ferguson, KitCillbhrid TomOI$0.00 CompleteAlex Green Kerby
Ferguson, KitFernhill AllureOI$0.00 CompleteAlex Green Kerby
Frantz, LeahZenzeroBNR$0.00 Completeclaire wightman
Fredericks, ClaytonFE Sweet EmotionOT$50.00
  • Deposits
Fredericks, ClaytonFE Smokey Water FBWOP$50.00
  • Deposits
Fredericks, ClaytonFE Uncle SamOP$50.00
  • Deposits
Fredericks, ClaytonFE Hard Day's NightOP$50.00
  • Deposits
French, HannahTake A BowOBN$0.00 Complete(MathenySEE NOTE ON ENTRY FORM
Gamboa, JavierAmour de BonceON$0.00 Complete
Gill, ElizabethOpportunity KnoxxM$0.00 CompleteLiz Hallidy-Sharp
Grald, ArielDiaraM$8.00 Waitlist
Grald, ArielIsla de CocoM$8.00 Waitlist
Grald, ArielCorraghoe BrilliantON$15.00 Waitlist
Grald, ArielCaballeOP$0.00 Complete
Grant-Law, LesleyFernhill FinalistOT$0.00 Completelaw eventing
Grant-Law, LesleyCastle Howard RomeoOP$0.00 Completelaw eventing
Green, CosbyHighly SuspiciousOI$0.00 CompleteStable next to Nicole Aden, pl
Green Kerby, AlexandraFernhill Limited EditionOI$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteFrancesca Spoltore, Diana Crav
Green Kerby, AlexandraFernhill Leitrim LassOP$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteFrancesca Spoltore, Diana Crav
Green Kerby, AlexandraFernhill FamousOI$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteFrancesca Spoltore, Diana Crav
Green Kerby, AlexandraThe Fernhill FoxOP$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteFrancesca Spoltore, Diana Crav
Greenbaum, CharlotteNomi SunriderNR$0.00 Complete
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethCooley QuicksilverA$0.00
  • Deposits
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteIf possible to please have a b
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethDeniro ZA$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteIf possible to please have a b
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethCooley StormwaterOI$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteIf possible to please have a b
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethMaryville Sir HenryOP$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteIf possible to please have a b
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethCooley Seeking Fortune OP$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteIf possible to please have a b
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethCooley Be CoolOP$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteIf possible to please have a b
Halliday-Sharp, ElisabethFlash CooleyA$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteIf possible to please have a b
Handy, BrettBE Blue MoonOBN$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Hartford, KaitlinFGF Gray Not BayT-JY$0.00 Complete
Hartford, KaitlinFirst AroundP-JY$0.00 Complete
Hartford, KaitlinBazillion BellsP-JY$0.00 Complete
Hida, LisaCooleys Rule of LawOBN$0.00 Complete
Hogan, MaggieIvankeM$0.00 CompleteAlexandra (Alex) Green Kerby -
Hoiness, KelseyBoom Boom BillyM$38.00
  • Rider USEF
WaitlistCaitlin Romeo
Huestis, LillyPatriotic DreamN-JY$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteAllisa Huestis, Hayden Jones
Huestis, AllisaArdanzaNR$15.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
WaitlistHayden Jones, Lilly Huestis
Hughes, HaleyRoanoke IIOT$175.00 PENDING! Awaiting FundsK Carter, share tck w R McInto
Hughes, HaleyIgor SOP$0.00 CompleteK Carter, share tack w R McInt
Hunt, MaddalynFortunate RebelM$0.00 CompleteO`neal Equestrain
Jarboe, ErinBallygriffin Cool GuyPR$0.00 Complete
Johnson, Dawn Broadway Bobby ZON$0.00 Complete
Johnson, Hanna GraceUrlanmore BeautyOI$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteJulie Richards, Liesel Fazekas
Jones, RileySenor SantanaBN-JY$0.00 CompleteEverbright Equestrian
King, RobinSplash of SassBNR$0.00 Complete
Klunick, AveryPisco Sour OP$0.00 Complete
Kuhn, SarahF.O.F. Grey GatsbyM$0.00 Complete
Kuhn, SarahMr. Cash van de StartOI$0.00 Complete
Lanier, LindseyAnchormanM$0.00 CompleteAlex Green Kerby
Lanier, LindseyDHI KloosterboyON$0.00 CompleteAlex Green Kerby
Lanier, LindseyFernhill Feel HappyOI$0.00 CompleteAlex Green Kerby
Lanier, LindseySeverance PayOP$0.00 CompleteAlex Green Kerby
Larkin, NickCellusana Polish SmartsOI$0.00 CompleteEND STALL REQUIRED
Larkin, NickCellusana FleetwoodON$0.00 Complete
Law, LeslieLady ChatterleyOI$0.00 Completelaw eventing
Law, LeslieShirsheen IceM$0.00 Completelaw eventing
Law, LeslieFirst ClassOI$0.00 Complete
Law, LeslieTypically FernhillOP$0.00 Completelaw eventing
Lawrence, AndiCooley Northern MistOI$0.00 CompleteKylee Casey
LeMastus, JackieExmoor DenverM$0.00 CompleteNicole Aden
LeMastus, JackieLup The LoopOI$0.00 CompleteNicole Aden,AK eventing
Letarte, StephanieMilenkoNR$0.00 CompleteAlex Green-Kerby/Dry Ridge Far
Loudon-Meetze, TiffaniMini CooperOT$0.00 Complete
Lutz, SarahToday's SpecialON$0.00 Complete
Lyle, AleseQui ViveON$0.00 CompleteJulie richards/Lauren Brooks
Mahaffey, RebeccaGeorge Thoroughly GoodTR$0.00 Complete
Mahloch, WhitneyMilitary MindOI$0.00 Complete
Maynard, TikGalileoOT$0.00
  • Deposits
  • Coggins
IncompleteSinead Maynard
Maynard, TikPrivatisedOT$0.00
  • Deposits
IncompleteSinead Maynard and Lauren Aker
Maynard, SineadStakkato BronxOP$0.00
  • Deposits
  • Coggins
Maynard, SineadCutty SarkOP$0.00
  • Deposits
  • Coggins
IncompleteLynn Symmansky and hannah sue
McBride, KariTonight At NoonNR$0.00 Complete
McDonald, StellaAbendgoldN-JY$0.00 CompleteAvery Klunick
McDonald, SandraDun It AgainOBN$0.00 Complete
Meyer, JoeJohnny RoyaleOI$0.00 Complete
Meyer, JoeGortglas Crazy Love OI$0.00 Complete
Meyer, JoeClip ClopOI$50.00 Complete
Midgley, KatarinaDitchP-JY$0.00 CompleteStable with Candace Bell/Julie
Miller, SophieThunderstruckPR$0.00 Complete
Moguel, DanielaEstela de la Galerna OT$50.00
  • Deposits
  • Signatures
  • Coggins
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteChandler nance /Savannah Norma
Moon, PippaGarryduff DouggyON$0.00 Complete
Moore, Olivia KubotaBNR$0.00 Complete
Morris, JoanieBetterthanexpectedM$0.00 Complete
Neneman, NataliaTrue BeliefOT$0.00 Completewith buck
Neneman, NataliaElectric LuxA$0.00 Completewith buck
Neneman, NataliaValley Of KnowledgeOP$0.00 Completewith buck
Norman, SavannahPico De CaballoBN-JY$0.00 Completestable with Danny Moguel
O'Brien, MadelineSound ProspectM$0.00 CompleteNicole Aden
O'Brien, MadelineCasarinoPR$0.00 CompleteNicole Aden
O'Neal, ElinorFlash HarryM$0.00 Complete
O'Neal, ElinorRedtail PenumbraON$0.00 Complete
O'Neal, ElinorMantua RedOBN$0.00 CompleteO`Neal Equestrian
Onderdonk, ShelleyMister OptimisticTR$0.00 Complete
Ortmeyer, JennaroseShow Me Prim and Proper TR$0.00 CompleteBeth Perkins
Osley, KristinKing of BeerNR$0.00 Complete
Perkins, BethHandsome HarryOI$0.00 Complete
Peterson, AlyssaExcel Star Just RightON$0.00 Complete
Peterson, AlyssaStormin' TruthA$0.00 Complete
Peterson, AlyssaR-Perfect StormA$0.00 Complete
Peterson, AlyssaEleganzeOP$0.00 Complete
Phelps, DarciSandro StreetNR$0.00 Complete
Riley, ShannonLaissez AllerM$0.00 Complete
Roberts, WaylonFernhill TopadamornON$0.00 Complete
Roberts, WaylonHats in the AirON$0.00 CompleteEmma Bush
Roberts, WaylonGSG BodieON$0.00 Complete
Rollins, ConorOn Target OP$0.00 Complete
Romeo, CaitlinFernhill B GoodOT$0.00 CompleteKelsey Hoiness... not near str
Saxe, LeilaGstar Van De KlinkenbergOT$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteKyle Carter
Saxe, LeilaMr BojanglesOP$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
IncompleteKyle Carter
Schultz, JessicaRocky Top CityOT$0.00 Complete
Schultz, JessicaAngelic WarriorOBN$0.00 Complete
Schultz, JessicaInferno OP$0.00 Complete
Schultz, JessicaFGF Left For DeadON$0.00 Complete
Shrum, AlexisDon't Tell DaddyNR$0.00
  • Signatures
  • Waiver Form
Shu, Catherine24 Karat FernhillP-JY$4.00 CompleteAlexandra Green- Kirby
Shull, JessicaRed MareOT$0.00 CompleteBuck Davidson
Skelton, EmmaBigtime DashN-JY$0.00 CompleteMaxine Preston
Sledzik, RachelFernhill SymphonyPR$0.00 CompleteAlexandra Green / Emma Bush
Smitherman, CollynNew DealerOP$0.00 CompleteLindsey Lanier
Spoltore, FrancescaMillstreet MitchP-JY$0.00 CompleteAlex Green Kirby (groom)
Stauch, MeganFull Gallop's Woo Pig SooieM$0.00 Complete
Sullivan, ConolyNo Gator GirlON$0.00 Complete
Tracey, KerryExcel Star KateTR$0.00 Complete
Tracy, KendylBobbie BurnsOP$0.00 CompleteO'Donoghue
Turner , Courtenay Flying PrivateTR$0.00 Complete
Uhl, PiperFinneganNR$0.00 Complete
Warden, MellisaDeadpoolM$0.00 Complete
Warren, BarbaraHoly CityNR$0.00 Complete
Weisjahn, AnnikaLWF Love HurtsP-JY$0.00 Complete
Wendell, JuliaShivaM$0.00 Complete
Whalen, AubreyAntebellum GoldNR$0.00 CompleteMaxine Preston
White, HeidiFE LoboOT$0.00 Complete
White, HeidiCaptain FernhillOP$0.00 Complete
White, HeidiBreezeON$0.00 Complete
Wightman, ClaireHaskoOBN$0.00 Complete
Wightman, ClaireCaletoTR$0.00 Complete
Wildasin, ArdenDusky ShadowM$0.00 Complete
Wildasin, ArdenAPOGEEOI$0.00 Complete
Wildasin, ArdenUDI-LAOP$0.00 Complete
Wildasin, ArdenSouthern SunOP$0.00 Complete
Woodie, NatalieSoul BluesBN-JY$0.00 Complete
Yeagy, LaurenBacardi IIIM$0.00 CompleteLaw Eventing