Trail Riding

The day began in typical fashion. Up at the crack of dawn, grab a quick breakfast, then out to the barn to begin tacking up for a day of trail riding in the foothills of the Grand Tetons in beautiful Moose, Wyoming. I met my two riders and quickly sized them up – they were experienced riders. It was going to be a good day and I was excited!

Hello everyone! My name is Maggie Austin and I am in charge of the Trail Riding program at Stable View. The typical day described above is how I met Cyndy Olliff. As we wound our way through the sagebrush and over the rocky hills for the next couple of days, I poured my heart out to Cyndy about my passion for horses and a future in the horse world. Folks, this is where the magic happened! I could not have known that Cyndy’s brain was clicking a mile-a-minute, for she had not yet disclosed to me that she and her husband were the owners of Stable View, nor of their desire to expand to include the Western discipline.

So here I am, and we are pleased and very excited to announce that Stable View will soon be expanding to include Western Dressage and Trail Riding. We are currently making connections in the Western Dressage world, as well as, marking some beautiful trails here on the Stable View property. We’ll be offering accommodation packages for both horse and rider or you just can just “bring yourself” and we will provide everything you need for a day of trail riding at Stable View.

I will keep you updated on our progress. Meanwhile, start planning for a day of trail riding – great things can happen on the trail!

See you soon,