Pavilion Blog Post 10

The roof is on, nearly all of the doors have been hung, and next will be the A/C. Dry wall is being erected, the fire suppression system is in place and the Decks and the surrounding Balcony are finished. Last week the electricity was connected to the Hunt Boxes, next Monday it’s the Pavilions turn.

Today we discussed the positioning for both Handicap Parking and our [initially two] electric car charging points.

The good news is that we have passed each inspection with flying colors, I guess that’s the LEED (Gold) influence.

It’s a distraction, but, believe it or not, today we took our first wedding booking for the Pavilion.

So, as we count down to Oktoberfest, this year the center of gravity will alter at Stable View. The focal point of this year’s event will be the Pavilion. Volunteers will meet there. Riders will find coffee there. Spectators will be welcomed there. The Competitors Party will be held there and VIP’s and Sponsors will be entertained there.

As implied above, the eight Hunt Boxes are nearing completion and the new Attwood Arena, (to be named the Hunter Arena) will both be ready for Oktoberfest.

Another new addition is our Weather Station. Yes, we have our own! Its job is to help us with managing the irrigation system. The computer linked to it will store data regarding soil condition, soil percussion and moisture in the ground. This is measured via 32 way points around the two Courses.


Barry Olliff


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