Ride Times: Stableview Winter 1 HT


Stableview Winter 1 HT

Aiken SC

2/2/2016 to 2/3/2016

Ride Times (Subject to Change)

Revised: 01/31/2016 08:35 PM


Rider Name Horse Division Dressage Cross-Country Stadium
Aurillo, Annelise Rasher PR Tue 08:06 am Tue 10:11 am  
Beale, Susie Amasing F OP Tue 09:18 am Tue 10:59 am  
Beale, Susie Ardeo Kodaline OT Tue 10:06 am Tue 11:57 am  
Beale Clement, Amanda Peter Pan PR Tue 08:24 am Tue 10:29 am  
Bond, Kristen Enough Already OP Tue 09:42 am Tue 10:26 am  
Bond, Kristen Get Ready Get Set ON Tue 12:36 pm Tue 02:23 pm  
Borun, Amy Ruth Casarino OP Tue 09:48 am Tue 10:50 am  
Bourke, Timothy Astrana De La Galerna ON Tue 09:51 am Tue 01:11 pm  
Bourke, Timothy Wind in the Willows ON Tue 10:39 am Tue 01:35 pm  
Bourke, Timothy Killeencoff Quality ON Tue 11:18 am Tue 02:03 pm  
Bourke, Timothy Quality Time ON Tue 12:06 pm Tue 02:29 pm  
Brandt, Lelee Mister Murphy NR Tue 11:45 am Tue 02:19 pm  
Brown, Ellie Ringfort Fighting Chance PR Tue 08:30 am Tue 10:21 am  
Bush, Heather Skyfall 007 OT Tue 08:24 am Tue 11:33 am  
Bush, Heather Charlie Halo OT Tue 09:06 am Tue 12:15 pm  
Byyny, Jan Urrem OP Tue 08:32 am Tue 10:31 am  
Byyny, Jan Duke of Diamond OP Tue 09:06 am Tue 11:01 am  
Byyny, Jan Volcan de Caverie ON Tue 09:39 am Tue 01:13 pm  
Byyny, Jan Dashwood ON Tue 10:03 am Tue 01:39 pm  
Byyny, Jan Electrik ON Tue 12:00 pm Tue 02:15 pm  
Campbell, Charles Shannondale Nimbus OP Tue 09:12 am Tue 10:09 am  
Caras, Jenny Fernhill Full Throttle OT Tue 09:12 am Tue 11:51 am  
Caras, Jenny Trendy Fernhill ON Tue 10:09 am Tue 01:27 pm  
Caras, Jenny The Manager ON Tue 10:51 am Tue 02:07 pm  
Champagne, Bradley Wallaroo OP Tue 09:30 am Tue 10:37 am  
Chapman, Joyce Jake ON Tue 09:33 am Tue 01:21 pm  
Ciccone, Gabrielle Poetic Justice TR Tue 10:45 am Tue 12:35 pm  
Clasing, Daniel Lion OP Tue 08:26 am Tue 10:07 am  
CluffRyan, Lei My Silver Heart OP Tue 08:12 am Tue 10:05 am  
Coleman III, William Cooley Mahgeeta OT Tue 08:00 am Tue 11:25 am  
Coleman III, William Don Dante OT Tue 08:30 am Tue 11:45 am  
Coleman III, William War Begun OT Tue 09:00 am Tue 12:29 pm  
Coleman III, William Highly Suspicious OT Tue 10:00 am Tue 12:07 pm  
Coleman III, William Tropics OT Tue 10:30 am Tue 12:49 pm  
Cooper, Courtney Rock Star ON Tue 09:15 am Tue 01:17 pm  
Cooper, Courtney Tender Bravissimo ON Tue 09:57 am Tue 02:05 pm  
Cunningham, Tiffany Sportsfield Jinx OT Tue 08:12 am Tue 11:37 am  
Dickhart, Mirabelle Beau Regarde NR Tue 11:39 am Tue 01:41 pm  
Dingy, Jermy Billy Hero OBN Tue 12:27 pm Tue 03:23 pm  
Donlick, Michelle Papillion ON Tue 09:27 am Tue 01:15 pm  
Donlick, Michelle Babe of Ballisodare ON Tue 11:36 am Tue 01:57 pm  
Eastman-Lawler, Alison Grand Cu ON Tue 11:42 am Tue 02:01 pm  
Garwood, Cassidy To The Mat TJY Tue 11:21 am Tue 12:37 pm  
Gill, Rachael Castiel OT Tue 08:54 am Tue 11:47 am  
Green, Emma Joan McDreamy PR Tue 08:12 am Tue 10:17 am  
Hamel, Emily Sea Of Clouds ON Tue 12:18 pm Tue 02:21 pm  
Hebets, Brittany Cooley All Business JYOP Tue 08:54 am Tue 10:57 am  
Hemry, Jodi We’re Not in Kansas Anymore OT Tue 10:54 am Tue 12:17 pm  
Hemry, Jodi Lucky Luciano ON Tue 11:24 am Tue 01:55 pm  
Henk, Julie Merry Sioux OP Tue 09:54 am Tue 10:48 am  
Igari, Yuki I Love Lucy BNR Tue 12:27 pm Tue 03:15 pm  
Kager, Sophia Maggie Moo BNR Tue 12:02 pm Tue 03:01 pm  
Kager, Victoria California Comet PR Tue 08:48 am Tue 10:46 am  
Kager, Victoria Sage Advice OT Tue 09:48 am Tue 12:11 pm  
Keane, Kevin Vindakova OT Tue 08:06 am Tue 11:27 am  
Keane, Kevin Millfield Lancando OT Tue 10:36 am Tue 12:13 pm  
Kinnamon, Molly MK’s Concord Dawn OT Tue 10:48 am Tue 12:21 pm  
Kuhn, Sarah Sevenoaks 2 OP Tue 09:24 am Tue 10:19 am  
Lagimoniere, Frederick Bijoux ON Tue 10:33 am Tue 01:25 pm  
Lagimoniere, Frederick Time to Tango ON Tue 11:30 am Tue 01:59 pm  
Lagimoniere, Frederick St Andrew ON Tue 12:30 pm Tue 02:27 pm  
Laros, Jennifer Jess TR Tue 10:39 am Tue 12:33 pm  
Loudon-Metze, Tiffani Hap OP Tue 09:36 am Tue 10:52 am  
MacVaugh, Ashley All’s Well OP Tue 08:06 am Tue 10:03 am  
MacVaugh, Ashley Born Ready OP Tue 08:52 am Tue 10:33 am  
Macauley, Caitlin Third Time’s A Charm OBN Tue 11:57 am Tue 03:03 pm  
Mays, Katie Kynynmonts Cassidy TR Tue 10:21 am Tue 12:27 pm  
McDonough, Rachel Mr T OT Tue 11:12 am Tue 12:23 pm  
Mitchell, Kallie Ferhill Finesse TJY Tue 11:09 am Tue 12:45 pm  
Moon, Pippa Nebraska Z ON Tue 10:15 am Tue 01:31 pm  
Moon, Pippa Von Africa LF OT Tue 11:06 am Tue 12:19 pm  
Moon, Risa Rising Moon TR Tue 11:03 am Tue 12:43 pm  
Moon, Risa The Tinker OBN Tue 11:47 am Tue 02:55 pm  
Moore, Danielle All That Hoopla BNR Tue 12:22 pm Tue 03:11 pm  
O’Lone, Emma Czech Yes or No TR Tue 10:57 am Tue 12:41 pm  
Parkin, Nicole Ubiquitus OT Tue 08:42 am Tue 11:41 am  
Parkin, Nicole Otis OBN Tue 12:12 pm Tue 03:13 pm  
Pendelton, Mike Barry ON Tue 09:21 am Tue 01:19 pm  
Pendelton, Mike Constant Supervision ON Tue 10:27 am Tue 02:09 pm  
Pendelton, Mike Argon 18 OBN Tue 11:42 am Tue 02:53 pm  
Pendelton, Mike Duncan OBN Tue 12:17 pm Tue 03:21 pm  
Penner, Norma Lyrical BNR Tue 12:17 pm Tue 03:07 pm  
Poole, Kaitlyn Solomon OBN Tue 12:22 pm Tue 03:19 pm  
Przyborowski, Teagan Charcoal Citiy TJY Tue 11:15 am Tue 12:25 pm  
Roberts, Kathleen Clifton Gree BNR Tue 11:57 am Tue 02:57 pm  
Schneck, Margaret Sky Road BNR Tue 12:12 pm Tue 03:05 pm  
Selmayr, Booli The Fonz Himself ON Tue 10:21 am Tue 01:33 pm  
Selmayr, Booli R Valentino Himself OBN Tue 11:52 am Tue 02:59 pm  
Silliman, Caitlin Avatar OT Tue 10:18 am Tue 12:03 pm  
Silliman, Caitlin Buzz ON Tue 10:45 am Tue 01:45 pm  
Sleeper, Jane River Ommen OT Tue 09:54 am Tue 11:35 am  
Sleeper, Jane UK OT Tue 10:24 am Tue 12:05 pm  
Smith, Caroline Full Gallop Are You Peachy NJY Tue 11:51 am Tue 01:29 pm  
Solomon, Sydney Early Review C OT Tue 08:18 am Tue 12:01 pm  
Solomon, Sydney Cheap Trick OT Tue 09:26 am Tue 12:47 pm  
Solomon, Sydney UBQUIET ON Tue 11:12 am Tue 01:51 pm  
Stone Bourke, Marley Catchy Connection OT Tue 08:48 am Tue 11:43 am  
Storandt, Lisbeth Open Rebellion PR Tue 08:42 am Tue 10:39 am  
Sundman, Chacea Blew By You BNR Tue 12:32 pm Tue 03:17 pm  
Swart, Paul HJ Eros TR Tue 10:33 am Tue 12:09 pm  
TR, Open Slot 1 Open Slot 1 TR TR Tue 10:51 am Tue 12:39 pm  
Teich, Caroline Zeus PR Tue 08:36 am Tue 10:35 am  
Ulmer, Matthew Madeline ON Tue 12:42 pm Tue 02:25 pm  
Vettorino, August Gran Banks PR Tue 08:18 am Tue 10:13 am  
Vettorino, August Gold Necessities OBN Tue 12:07 pm Tue 03:09 pm  
Vickery, Carlin Wellfleet ON Tue 09:45 am Tue 01:23 pm  
Vickery, Carlin Mighty Mouse TR Tue 10:27 am Tue 12:31 pm  
Viele, Kathy Connery OT Tue 10:12 am Tue 11:49 am  
White, Heidi Orient Express ON Tue 11:54 am Tue 02:13 pm  
Wildasin, Sarah Totally Awesome Bosco NR Tue 11:33 am Tue 01:37 pm  
Wood, Cindy Classic 3D ON Tue 12:12 pm Tue 02:17 pm  
Wood, Ryan Issabella C OP Tue 08:00 am Tue 10:01 am  
Wood, Ryan Ruby OP Tue 08:20 am Tue 10:23 am  
Wood, Ryan Cobra OP Tue 08:40 am Tue 10:43 am  
Wood, Ryan Shannondale Sergio OP Tue 09:00 am Tue 11:03 am  
Wood, Ryan RF Cosmos OT Tue 09:20 am Tue 11:29 am  
Wood, Ryan Twain OT Tue 09:42 am Tue 11:53 am  
Wood, Ryan Shannondale Percy ON Tue 12:24 pm Tue 01:53 pm  
Wood, Ryan Ben Nevis ON Tue 12:48 pm Tue 02:31 pm  
rupert, sarah Glennbrooke Cooley ON Tue 11:48 am Tue 02:11 pm  
van Gemeren, Ellie Coldplay OT Tue 08:36 am Tue 11:39 am