What’s New For 2019?

2019 Calendar of Events

Happy New Year from Stable View! The 2019 Stable View Calendar of Events is full of many recognized and schooling shows across three disciplines: Eventing, Dressage, and Hunter/Jumpers. We hope that you will take advantage of some of our new offerings, detailed below.

We look forward to seeing you around Stable View soon and wish you a safe and enjoyable 2019!

Stable View Wednesday Schooling Jumpers

These shows are offered the First Wednesday of Every Month. New for 2019 are the add-back classes. Hunter classes will be offered April – August. Online entries are available by clicking here.

2019 Schooling Jumper Dates:
January 2, February 6, March 6, April 3, May 1, June 5, July 3, August 7, September 4, October 2, November 6, December 4

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Schooling & USEF/USDF Level 3 Dressage Shows

Dressage is growing at Stable View! This year, the recognized shows have increased to Level 3. The February, March, and April USEF/USDF Shows are part of the Aiken Challenge Series with Aiken Horse Park, offering series awards.

2019 USEF/USDF Dates:
February 9-10: USEF/USDF “I LOVE Dressage”
March 16-17: USEF/USDF “Southern Comfort” Dressage
April 6-7: USEF/USDF “Spring Fever” Dressage
June 11-12: USEF/USDF “Summer Solstice” Dressage
July 10-11: USEF/USDF “Only in America” Dressage
August 14-15: USEF/USDF “Too Hot to Trot” Dressage
August 17-18: USEF/USDF “Too Hot to Trot 2” Dressage

Stable View Schooling Dressage Shows are offered the second Wednesday of months without a recognized Dressage Show. At these shows, USDF and USEA Tests are available for $35/ per test.

2019 Schooling Dressage Dates:
January 9, March 13, May 8, September 11, October 9, November 13, December 11

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Stable View USEF/USEA Horse Trials

Last year, Stable View successfully ran Aiken’s first FEI event during Oktoberfest. This year, Stable View is offering 5 USEF/USEA Recognized Horse Trials and Oktoberfest will feature FEI divisions for the second year.

2019 USEF/USEA Horse Trial Dates:
January 12: Aiken Opener HT (BN – P)
January 30: Stable View Winter HT (BN-P)
March 19: Stable View Spring HT (BN-I)
June 22-23: Stable View Summer HT (BN-P)
September 27-29: USEF/USEA/FEI Oktoberfest HT

Stable View Eventing Academy Series

An Open Schooling Day on Saturday, and a Schooling HT on Sunday where you can earn points towards Year-End Awards! These shows are the perfect educational opportunity for horses and riders. Some new additions for 2019 include Stadium-only Rounds, Dressage on Attwood Equestrian Surfaces footing, and Package Discounts. Horse Trials levels Sprout (18″) through Training (3’3″), all levels of combined tests, Dressage tests of choice, and stadium-only rounds are offered.

2019 Eventing Academy Dates:
February 23 & 24
April 13 & 14
May 11 & 12
July 20 & 21
August 10 & 11
October 19 & 20
November 16 & 17
December 14 & 15 (2020 Series)

2019 Schooling Day Information

2019 Omnibus Listing

2019 Year-End Prizes

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