Pavilion Blog Post 7

Pavilion Blog Update:

The steel has arrived and has been erected.
As of today’s date the outer shell is being created with ten guys working ten hour days in an attempt to catch up some time.
Saturday working is allowed in SC so the chances are improving for us being ready for Oktoberfest.
The outline of the SV Office is now clear along with space for six or seven workstations.








By the end of this week it would seem as if they could have completed the walls and floor of the second floor.
Subject to the weather, the initial structure including floors and the roof could be finished by the end of the month.
This would be really good because most work would then be inside, and, while we have these expensive horses on the property, we don’t want to give them any opportunity to spook.
The Boarders have been great about the inconvenience – Boyd even said it was good for the horses to have some distractions, it was good training!!
I believe you will now have a lot to see if you drop by.








For our Spring HT you should see not just the completed outside structure but the beginnings of the fitting out.
Then it’s on to the balcony and bleachers – they need additional steel and the pouring of an extended pad.
The inside and all of the associated detailed work is what will take up a lot of time.
Conference, Pub and Kitchen facilities are not built quickly, require different availability and expertise, and need to be right the first time.
The next blog will be around March 1st- we are now really on our way……..

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