Pavilion Blog Post 6

After three months of inactivity, over the next few weeks you will see a number of components of the Pavilion make real progress.
The special steel order that was placed many months ago is being delivered this week.

Last week a crane and a hoist arrived, in addition the tanks that will contain the water for use in the emergency sprinkler system were delivered and positioned.







Next week the steel beams will be put in place and the outline of the structure will become apparent.
This work should be completed by the end of this week.

As we have a Recognized Horse Trial on Tuesday and Wednesday, a lot of the work is being done at night to avoid noise and other distractions.

With the frame and the tanks in place, during February it should be possible to construct the outer walls and to begin to see the final shape of the building.

Additional pictures will be added to the blog over the next week prior to Blog 7 which we will produce along with additional commentary on February 14th!

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