Pavilion Blog Post 4

Between Irma, failed compaction tests and an old retention basin we are now running around a month behind schedule. Irma dumped a lot of rain which created instability around the Pavilion construction area at the end of the Outdoor arena. Failed compaction tests required the foundations being dug a foot lower, and hitting the drainage pit that receives all of the captured and drained water from the entire Outdoor Arena meant further excavation to stabilize the footings. 

Having said that, the footings were completed two weeks ago and the concrete foundations are in place– the outline of the Pavilion is now established. By the time of Oktoberfest, some of the ground floor structure will be in place and the outline of the elevator shaft should be visible. In addition, we hope that the supporting bank surrounding the end of the Outdoor Arena by the Pavilion will have been permanently stabilized via concrete supports.

While we are still hopeful that the project will be ready for next year’s Oktoberfest, these delays are eating into our spare days. None of this is made easier by the fact that there are now so many days when Stable View is busy, meaning work has to cease for reasons associated with noise.

We are required to dig a well as an independent water source for the fire suppression system. However, we have had two failed attempts to hit water. Hopefully the third one will strike water! While we have plenty of water in the irrigation system which passes close by, the Pavilion system has to be entirely independent with its own generator just in case the Pavilion is on fire and there is no electricity.

In advance of the next blog which will be written by Todd Gaul (Designer Builders), I have a distraction for you to assist with. Once built, the Stable View Pavilion will require a signature drink. The guidelines for this drink are that it has local influences, is a long drink – not a ‘short’ – is relatively inexpensive to produce and is not too trendy – this being because signature drinks need to be “liked” for say five years. As I understand it, “sweet” would be better than “sour” and it would be good if it had a bit of color. Because we believe that it will become so popular, we also need to be able to make it in decent quantities. One additional condition is that it needs to have ingredients produced by Carolina Moon in Edgefield who are a very helpful and significant sponsor for Stable View.

If you have any ideas, and we believe that many of you could have some strong opinions, you will have the opportunity to receive an invitation to the Pavilion’s opening night and also naming rights. The deadline for suggestions is December 31, 2017 and the winner and signature beverage will be announced at the Aiken Opener Horse Trials on January 13-14, 2018
That’s all for now, next time it’s going to be Todd Gaul.

Pavilion 4 timelapse from Stable View on Vimeo.

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