Pavilion Blog Post 3

So, no sooner than we had completed the ground breaking, we not only found that the old hole was full of stone that drains the Outdoor Arena, but also that there were compaction issues with the soil that was to receive the concrete to form the Foundation.

Four years ago we dug a huge hole to receive the water that runs off the Arena and the surrounding area. The trouble was that no one had actually marked the area of the hole, neither had we worried about this at the planning stage.

The compaction issue was believed to be a result of heavy rain, but the trouble was that once the area had dried there was still a lot of softness. The solution was to dig a little deeper! Week one therefore morphed into week two – not a good start.

Having said that, the time lapse camera is working well and we will start to produce some short video clips once there is something to show you. Additionally, you are welcome to come and see the progress either during Office Hours (9am-5pm Monday – Friday) or during one of our Events. There are two renderings positioned just outside the end of the outdoor arena of what the front and inside of the Pavilion should look like when it’s finished.

Behind the scenes we are working on the IT technology for the structure and have taken advice from Berry’s Catering & Floral so that we are installing a catering appropriate kitchen. The Pub should not be too much of a problem but the kitchen is quite a challenge as it’s not meant to just cook and warm but also prep. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates. I’ll have a lot more to report in two weeks’ time.

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