For Immediate Press Release: Property Update


Aiken, South Carolina, July 7, 2017


Our Friends are being brought up to date via this press release regarding events as they are evolving during the summer at Stable View.

pavilionPavilion. We will break ground on 29th July. The initial groundworks will involve removal of dirt to grade, plus the digging of a drain from the site to the existing retention basin behind the “Alp”. This area will then be reseeded so that it can be used for Oktoberfest.

The entire project will take approximately a year. Designer Builders is the GC and the Pavilion will be LEED Gold compliant. We believe this to be a first for a building of this type. The Pavilion will be used for Weddings, Corporate Retreats, Family Reunions and as a Conference Center.

18839778_1904870359785390_3628764090461494082_oSecond Cross Country Course. The land has been cleared and Bermuda has been sown over most of the new Course. We have cleared the area (c50 acres) these have been seeded and fertilized in four tranches. We are three quarters of the way towards completion.

Eric Bull has built the newest Water Feature and Mogie Bearden- Muller has started to consider initial designs for the Cross Country Course which will be first used in February 2018 – this will be for the inaugural Stable View Eventing Academy.

The second cross Country Course complements the old Course by being open, ranging and very viewer friendly. Later this year we will be building some oversized gazebos which are to be used as Course “Gathering Paces”. This will be a very viewer friendly addition to the Stable View portfolio. Stadium and Dressage will use the existing facilities. The Stable View Eventing Academy will not only use the new Course, but it’s has been designed as a Schooling Course and it not as twisty and tree lined as the existing course. Going forward the courses will be differentiated as The Old and The Parks. As with The Old Course, The Parks is irrigated.

B18814833_1904870976451995_6418365708617868295_ooyd Martin, ETB Schooling Field at Stable View. This is in the process of being leveled and seeded with Bermuda. As with the rest of the working areas at SV this will be seeded with Winter Rye in October. The entire area is irrigated with Neilson 150 “Big Guns” which are normally used for crop spraying. It’s intentioned that the Schooling Field will open on January 1, 2018. Bookings will be online. The Schooling Field will have its own entrance and parking. The jumps are being built by ETB (Eric Bull).


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