Advanced Oktoberfest Course Walks with Captain Mark, Boyd Martin & Richard Jeffrey!

Our Oktoberfest weekend is rapidly approaching and our course experts will be descending upon Stable View within the next week to put their finishing touches on the XC and Stadium courses.  This open canvas of Stable View that you see pictured below will quickly become populated with colorful stadium jumps and the unveiling of our new Advanced XC Course jumps!


In celebration of our first Advanced Horse Trial, we have several course walks scheduled throughout the morning of the Advanced & Prelim competition on Saturday, October 1st.

Below is our Schedule for Course Walks and Registration Information:

There will be XC course walks led by Captain Mark Phillips at 9:30am and by Olympian Boyd Martin at 10:30am, both leaving promptly from the start box at that scheduled time.  Come check out this new Advanced course featuring ETB Jumps on our irrigated grass track, derby field and new galloping lanes.

There will also be stadium course walks hosted by leading industry course designer Richard Jeffery.  Those course walks will be held throughout the morning in the outdoor Stadium Arena from 9am – noon.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony to present the new Advanced level cross country course at 12 noon at the Offset Combination at Fence # 20A&B.  Please join us for this celebration!

A donation of $10 is suggested to join in the course walks and proceeds go to support a great local organization, the Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Persons.

Please register and check in at the in-gate to the stadium course 15 minutes before the scheduled course walk time.  We will collect your donation and distribute wrist bands, which will give you access to all of the morning’s activities!

Thank you so much for your support.

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