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Updates about the Pavilion at Stable View.

Pavilion Blog Post 5

As a change, Todd will be writing this Pavilion Blog. Todd, CEO and President of Designer Builders, has had a major role in creating Stable View having built nearly all of the buildings situated here. Todd’s wise council and commitment...

Pavilion Blog Post 4

Between Irma, failed compaction tests and an old retention basin we are now running around a month behind schedule. Irma dumped a lot of rain which created instability around the Pavilion construction area at the end of the Outdoor arena....

Pavilion Blog Post 3

So, no sooner than we had completed the ground breaking, we not only found that the old hole was full of stone that drains the Outdoor Arena, but also that there were compaction issues with the soil that was to...

Pavilion Blog Post 2

Pavilion Blog Post 2 – Groundbreaking Report: A small crowd came to watch as the ground was broken and we confirmed that Stable View really does rest on sand! Shane Doyle who had previously undertaken the cross country course drainage...

Pavilion Blog Post 1

Pavilion Blog Post 1 – Groundbreaking Ceremony: As many of you are aware, we have been working on the plans for a structure that could act as a centerpiece for Stable View for nearly two years. We started out with...