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Pavilion Blog Post 10

The roof is on, nearly all of the doors have been hung, and next will be the A/C. Dry wall is being erected, the fire suppression system is in place and the Decks and the surrounding Balcony are...

Stable View Bird Program Introduction

As part of the environmental projects at Stable View, the property hosts 17 bird boxes: 12 bluebird boxes and 5 screech owl boxes. Currently, our fledges are significantly increased from this time last year, with 46 bluebird fledges...

Pavilion Blog Post 9

June 4, 2018 Pavilion Blog Post 9 If you have been to Stable View lately, you have surely noticed the construction of the new LEED Gold Certified Pavilion! Upstairs will be the Observation Room. Designed to be divided...