European Designed Equi-Trek Trailers Available Now in the USA!

European designed horse boxes and tag along trailers are starting to gain in popularity here in the US.  While these rear facing vehicles are quite popular in the UK, they just recently started to turn heads here in the the states.

While William Fox-Pitt was on site at Stable View, we talked to him about his own Equi-trek that he drives back home in England.  Although he has a large horse van for hauling multiple horses to competitions, having a smaller 2 horse lorry has been a necessary addition to his line-up of hauling options.

“My Equi-trek is great for getting into small places, and a very handy piece of equipment and key to my operation.”


Equi-Trek is actually new to the states and the above model was sourced through a dealership in Portland Oregon.  The pricing on these horse trailers is remarkably economical, and they feature a rear facing ride for the horses, side ramp for easy loading, back entrance and a front tack room that also serves as a sleeping quarters!

This particular model is the Show-Treka and will remain on display at Stable View as we are an agent on the East Coast.

For more information on the entire line of trailers, please visit their website!


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