2018 Stable View Eventing Academy Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 28, 2017.

Starting in February of 2018, Stable View will be adding to its calendar of Eventing activities with The Stable View Eventing Academy Series
The Stable View Eventing Academy will provide Eventers with an opportunity to regularly school and compete at Stable View. This will mean that between Amoeba and 3* there will be an opportunity to progress through the sport at all levels with a variety of courses and environments.

The Stable View Eventing Academy Series will consist of 7 weekends during the calendar year (these dates complement our existing Recognized dates:

Feb 24 & 25
April 14 & 15
May 19 & 20
July 21 & 22
Aug 11 & 12
Nov 17 & 18
Dec 8 & 9

Modeled on the successful Carolina Horse Park War Horse Series; the Eventing Academy offers a schooling day on the Saturday and a full (but Unrecognized) schooling horse trial on the Sunday.
Offering Amoeba, Tadpole, Beginner Novice, Novice and Training levels, there will be year-end awards at each level and year-end high-point awards for individuals.

No sign-up needed for the Schooling day on Saturday. Entries should be made through Event Entries for the Eventing Academy Schooling HTs on Sunday.

Pricing will be competitive (with package pricing for both Saturday and Sunday). A Season Ticket will be available that will provide for a year’s participation at a significantly reduced price.

To get ready for this new Series, Stable View is preparing a new cross country course. This will be an additional 50 acres and the course will complement the existing Course with different topography. As with the existing Course it will be irrigated.
We are in the process of building new sets of XC fences to host the Amoeba and Tadpole levels, in addition there will be new water features, banks, and ditches.

Please register now and we will keep you up to date with progress. We will create an update email that will be sent every month.
Alternatively, please keep checking our website for more information.

Stable View is committed to serving the entire Eventing community, from Amoeba through Advanced!
Please come and train, practice or just have fun at the Stable View Eventing Academy Series, starting February 2018.

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